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Web Design

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Web Design

BrightSite offers custom web sites for companies seeking the best in website design.

When designing a new web site we follow these steps (not all of them are required for every web site):

Web Site Analysis:

Set objectives
Define structure and navigation
Define usability and accessibility

Web Design & Development:

Overall site design
Graphic design
Web programming
Deployment and testing


Web Site Analysis

Creating web site starts with a proper analysis to ensure that your goals will be met.

1. Set objectives
    We should get the following information from you:

  • Website objectives: advertising, sales, persuasion.
  • Your organization type: business, non profit or personal site.
  • Your intended Internet audience. The intended audience for your web site can make a huge difference to the way it looks, feels and works.
  • Your domain name and web hosting location. If you want to register a domain name or find web hosting provider please read our Web Hosting section.
  • Your visual identity sources: logos and brand colors. We can also do graphics design for you.
  • Your time frame for launching your web site.

 2. Define structure and navigation
    Website structure is a list of all web pages in your future web site. Navigability shows how these web pages will be linked. It is a critical part of web design to establish the structure and navigational scheme for a web site before doing visual design. A solid site organization should be intuitive and allow visitors to reliably find the information they are looking for, and also makes it possible for you to maintain your site content and to build additions and modifications to your site in a logical manner.

3. Define usability and accessibility
    Pages in a well-designed web site should all share a consistent and predictable design structure that establishes:

  • The underlying page grid or “blueprint” to assure web design consistency from page to page
  • The fundamental navigation landmarks
  • Your Internet identity
  • Consistent and logical terminology for the user interface and content
In order that your web site is accessible to disabled people we validate the site to confirm to accessibility guidelines.


Web Design & Development

Once the key objectives and the web design plan have been approved by you and the content is ready (text and graphics), website development is started.

1. Overall site design
    We design a common look & feel for all your web pages: colors, background, layout.

2. Graphic design
   We can also design graphic elements for your web site (logo, banners and other images).

3. Implementation
   In this phase we transform web page design from paper to a real website. We build web site compiling all the elements into a consistent and functional web site by creating and fine-tuning the HTML files, creating hyperlinks, organizing the files to a consistent directory structure, compressing graphics and other media for faster transmission.

4. Web programming
    If your web site requires dynamic functionality beyond simple static web pages such as data collection or database querying we will develop software to achieve this. We setup databases, develop in Java and JSP, create JavaScript, create CGI forms and implement customized search.

5. e-commerce
    If you want to sell a product or service online we can find what e-commerce system is the most appropriate for your needs and set it up for you or develop a custom solution.

6. Deployment and testing
    Finished web site needs to be transferred to a web server. Then, we do comprehensive web site testing to ensure that the web site is working as it should be. Also, your site has to confirm to W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) specifications so that it continues to work correctly on future platforms and browsers.


See some of our web designs on our Porfolio page. Besides web design we also offer Web Hosting and Search Engine Marketing (website promotion) for your web site.

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