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Web Hosting

Selecting a web hosting provider can be confusing.
You just want to find a good web hosting plan at a low price and not to spend hours comparing hundreds of hosting plans. 

The most important features you should look for in a web hosting plan are reliability, support, available space, traffic and price. GoDaddy web hosting has plans for all site types.


Why Is It Important?

What is good?


Reliability (Uptime)

You want your website to actually be available. All web hosts have downtime from time to time.

For most websites, some brief downtime won't cause any problems. Anything over 99.5% is excellent.

99.9 % guaranteed

Customer Support

You want to have a hassle free setup of your website and you want to be able to get help if something goes wrong.

If you have a high traffic web site then getting fast customer service is a must.

If your site is a personal or hobby site, then it may not be critical.



You want to fit all your web pages, images and other files

1 GB

Up to 100 GB


You want your web pages to be available to a lot of visitors

100 GB

Up to 1,000 GB


Because you want to get a fair deal and not overpay.

$ 5.00 / month for a small site is a good deal

From $ 3.19 / month

Our own experience with GoDaddy web hosting was very satisfactory. When you select a web plan with GoDaddy BrightSite can you help you to set your web site up. We also offer Web Design and Search Engine Marketing for your web site.

Free Web Hosting Advice

Still not sure what type of web hosting is the best for you? Describe the type of your web site (size, traffic, intended use) in our Contact Us form and we will recommend the best web hosting plan for you free.


Domain Names

A domain name is your address on the Internet. It is how people can find your web site. Businesses typically register domain names with their company name and individuals sometimes register family names. Here are some tips for selecting a domain name:

1. Register Your Domain NOW

If you are even thinking about registering a domain name and it is available - get it now. Available domain names are disappearing at the lighting speed.

2. Shorter is better

People need to be able to remember your domain name, and easily type it into their browser.

3. Extension

There are many different extensions available now. Businesses should aim for a .com suffix.

4. Avoid Trademarks

If you register a trademarked name the company owning the trademark can dispute your registration and you will have leave that domain name.

5. One May Not Be Enough

If you have "", register "" also, so no one else takes it. You can also register your full company name and a shorter, easier to remember version. You can even register common misspellings of your company’s name. You do not need a separate Web page for each because several domain names can point to the same Website. Hosting & Servers

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